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What is Inflatable Paddle Board different with Epoxy Paddle Board (Hard Board)

What is Inflatable Paddle Board different with Epoxy Paddle Board
(Hard Board)

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Storage/Travel – The size of the inflatable paddle board when deflated is a little bigger than a rolled up sleeping bag
so you can store it in a closet or any other small area that a hard paddle board would never fit. This is especially
important to those who do not have the convenience of a large garage or space to store a hard board or have to
take the stairs or an elevator going to and from the water. You can store and take an iSUP just about anywhere
you may want it to go. As for traveling you can check it on to a plane or if taking a car no need to buy racks as you
can throw it in the truck. If you do have a convenient place to store a hard board you may still want to consider
an Inflatable as you can always leave it inflated while being stored but the option of deflating it and taking it on
your next trip is still a possibility.

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For the inflatable products, we have our own patent system so as to protect our customers and also has different certificates for the different needs of the market. Our design and engineering teams are always working hard to offer creative, high-quality products with reasonable price. Our products are always receiving a good reputation from the customers for their good quality. For your added assurance, our products passed the SGS testing.

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